We provide highly experienced executives in business and commerce and the professions to help resolve disputes and close deals by mediation.    Online — On-Site — Worldwide
Resolve Disputes Through Mediation


Mediation is a process in which a skilled and knowledgeable neutral assists parties to find mutually acceptable solutions quickly, inexpensively, cooperatively and creatively, while preserving at all times their rights of self-determination. Learn More

Mediation Process

Our Process

Our mediation process is customized in each case to suit the needs of the parties and to increase the likelihood of success. TEAMediation(sm) is our unique method to provide maximum quality and expertise at no additional cost. Learn More

Experienced Mediators

Our Mediators

All our mediators are academically and professionally trained in the mediation process. But what truly distinguishes them is the depth and breadth of their real-world experience in business and commerce and in the professions. Learn More

International Mediation Services


Our mediators share a wealth of international business experience, bring to the mediation process an understanding and respect for differing cultures and value systems, and are skilled at conducting multi-language mediations. Learn More

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